Siberian House Design

Luxury homes located in Novokuznetsk, Russia is like a palace or house ancient heritage. It was designed by Tatiana Rozhkova as Russian fairy tale that meets all modern requirements for living comfortably. This house was made with the company and the quality of the Siberian pine timber of 260 mm. Furniture living room flooded with sunlight thanks to wise home architecture. Most of the furniture will look like pieces of ancient furniture such as a fireplace is the main focal point of this room. That was seven feet high and porcelain tile with tile. Each of the sides has its own story and color. Deadly combination of natural wood, leather, metal and ceramics around the house create the effect of noble ancient. Living room furniture pieces that are the most remarkable in the whole house. Beautiful oak staircase is the focal point of the house. The uniqueness of this home state, w is that all the interior is filled with special designs by different artists.

Classical Interior of Siberian House

Classical Living Room Looks Elegant

Siberian House With Modern Interior

Glamor Bedroom

Simple Bedroom Looks Elegant

Wooden Dining Room

Luxury Bathroom

Elegant Bath up

Simple Kitchen but Luxury

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