European Bathroom Design

European Bathroom with luxurious design ideas by B+S Findland sauna

Elegant European Bathroom with finnish sauna design

These are very colorful curtains and raincoats lined white curtains which provide for the luxurious bath alcove. Accessories, consoles and gilded carved mirror involved in generating the unusual and exotic atmosphere. The curtains are attached to the ceiling directly on metal rods at a distance from it to let air and light.In this example we created from scratch an alcove around the tub which occupied the entire width of the bathroom. Subtle arrangement of panels and moldings stained and varnished to create a warm intimacy. Behind the front panel is painted the same cream color as the walls to maintain the brightness, pretty curtains with blue stripes on a cream background even feminize the place and add to the feeling of charm and comfort.

Modern European Bathroom Design

Unique European Bathroom Design

Modern European Bathroom Design

Elegant European Bathroom Design

Elegant European Bathroom Design with red and cream color combination

Sweet purple of European Bathroom Design

Red European Bathroom with modern design

Unique European Bathroom Design

Their bathroom design and furniture bring back the decorative contemporary bathroom interior designs from the Victorian Era to the mid 1900′s inspired by the well bred and refined European traditions. The main features of these modern decorative bathroom designs include free-standing bathtubs with exposed plumbing, Queen Anne legs, gilded accents, and lines reminiscent of a time when design was pure and less effected by trends and fads.

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