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This garden was featured in San Diego Home/Garden Lifestyles magazine. Titled "Europe in Mission Hills," the garden is designed around a Tudor-styled home the owners remodeled. They wanted a European-style garden full of seasonal color. The garden re-design consists of eight rectangular planting beds bisected by walks and paths, with a three-tiered fountain as a central focal point in the heart of the garden layout. The walks and paths are surfaced with decomposed granite rather than concrete, for a softer, more European look. This garden was also featured in a cover shot and article in Better Homes & Gardens. The owners get heavily involved in their garden; it is a work in progress, as they experiment with new flowering plants. In addition to beds of color, the garden also features climbing Roses, a row of Citrus trees, a brick patio, teak benches, and an antique urn filled with herbs. The garden is enclosed by a wood fence based on one that the owners saw on a trip to England. Climbing Iceberg Roses and Star Jasmine are trained on the fence.

Beautiful European Garden Design

Plants common to the charming European countryside are the magic ingredients of an English garden landscape design. With a look that is simple and quaint, yet elegant and refined, making this an ideal style for many modern homes. Include a variety of plants, with many different sizes and textures, in your landscape design for an authentic country garden feel.

European Garden Design with woody furniture

Beautiful European Garden Design pavilion

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