Bird House

When choosing bird houses to purchase, look for good quality in the construction. Many styles of houses are available. The roof of a bird house should shed water. It needs to slope and should overlap the front and sides. The bird house needs to be cleaned out after it has been used so make sure there is easy access to the nesting portion...

Elegant Bird House design

Casita Bird House. Lighted Palm Trees, marrying your soul mate under a Wedding Arbor, and entertaining family and friends. Don't let another season pass by without the outdoor furniture and decorations that will make your house a home.

Elegant Bird House design with beautiful home design

Wooden Bird House - The Swiss Inn Birdhouse Kit

Beautiful Bird House design

Bird House design with yellow color

Complexities that exist in making a bird house is situated on our own tastes, the more simple models that we will create will be more easily made. There are some things that absolutely be considered include: high-boxes, depth, dimension and diameter of inlet floor and the height of the hole in the floor box.

Cute Bird House design with white and red color

Woody Bird House design

A wooden crate is a low-budget and easy-to-work-with material. It can be used to make a bird house for our winged friends in the country or the city. This little handmade birdhouse will cheer up your balcony, patio or even your living room. To attach the various parts of the bird house together, you use the crate corners; the sides are used for the floor, wall and roof. Another crate corner makes the ridge of the roof. The next time you go to the market, pick up an empty crate with some fun designs on the sides. Starting with the bottom, cut it apart using sharp pliers. Then warp the crate to a diamond shape; this will make it easier to take apart the sides and corners. Using a utility knife and a small saw (like a backsaw), cut some strips of wood of the right length. Nail these "shingles" to the wooden crate corners. Before you nail down the last roof shingle, screw an eye bolt onto the ridge of the roof, to hang the birdhouse. Last, nail the birdhouse floor to the four wood corners.

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