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Modern garden design has become an essential part of gardening. Modern architecture began in Europe since the early twentieth century, but it was only then that the concept of modern garden design that has gained importance. Modern design began in the United States in California. “Modern” means “simple”. Modernity is to keep things simple and orderly. This has been fielded and gardening. In this article we will discuss how to make a garden “modern.”

Beautiful Garden Design

Minimalist Garden

Simple Garden With a Three-tiered Fountain

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European Garden Typical Style

Fresh Garden Design

This award-winning European inspired garden creates a cozy outdoor dinning experience just off of the kitchen. A roof system built into the mahogany deck affords protection from the rain on the stone porch below. The porch is one step higher than the surrounding diamond patterned flagstone patio. A formal pond with a simple splashing water jet, aquatic plants and fish assure a soothing effect on warm summer days. The privacy fence with espalier Viburnum defines the sides of the courtyard garden, while an open lattice Cedar fence with gate maintain views to the rear woodland. Outdoor lighting reflecting on the waters surface adds another dimension during the evening.

Green Garden With Mountain Viewer

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