Unique Sofa

Elegant Unique Sofa with blue color and bubble design. Here is a most unique and creative sofa design may interested you to have one of them. One of the most important things to do while furnishing your living room is to get good sofa sets. sofa functionally as relaxing seating and best friend for reading a book.

Funny Unique Sofa with cactus design

Unique Sofa with brush design. To be honest I have no idea what actually inspired the design of this unique sofa. It could have been a toothbrush, a scrubbing brush, or even a bed of nails. It was created by a nameless student at Bucks New University in the UK and uses a series of plush ‘bristles’ to provide the sitter (if you can indeed remain sitting) with a relaxing massage. While it’s obvious that ergonomics take a back seat to comfort with this particular design, it also looks like the sofa could trap large amounts of pocket change in-between each bristle as your guests excitedly try it out. So if the concept ever made it into production, after just a few weeks it might actually pay for itself.

Unique Sofa with car design and shiny black color

Amazing and Unique Sofa with white color and elegance design. This sofa / over sized chair is more than big enough to fit two people on it-s unique oval bucket design, and it looks like one of the most comfortable seats you could possibly find with it-s heavily upholstered build. But what-s most appealing about this piece is the two optional side attachments. The DS-152 shows a more playful side of De Sede which is known for extremely high end and very mature contemporary furniture.You can order the Jane Worthington DS 152 Sofa with a flat-screen monitor so you never have to leave this wonderfully comfortable sofa. Imagine, I could be blogging to you from the comforts of that chair, my laptop gently resting on the side table while watching Ninja Warrior on the attached TV. All it needs is a refrigerator and I-d have little to no reason to ever get up.If you-ve decided that this is the perfect place to spend some real quality time, you can pick it up at any De Sede authorized retailer. 193W 71H 156D cm

Brown Unique Sofa with baseball design

Sweet orange in Unique Sofa. Modern and Unique Sofa Designs from Couture International. Couture International led by designer Normand Couture has a unique idea of the modern sofa design that includes strong visual elements and functionality. The various modern sofa collections include arrangements and pieces that allow face to face seating many with movable arms and backs for added flexibility.

Unique sofa with red color called marshmallow sofa. This high quality reproduction of the Marshmallow Sofa, is a very fun and technical mid-century design.The unique contemporary design makes it quite the conversation piece, and using visco-elastic memory foam in the cushions, it is amazingly comfortable.

White, red and black color in Unique Sofa design.

Cute purple in unique sofa. The New Classic sofa collection from Bruhl, Double chair sofa and Big Arm, hereĆ¢€™s the timelessly charming classic style sofas, recamieres, seating ensembles and function chairs from the new classic range allow themselves to be easily integrated into different interiors and provide endlessly relaxing seating dimensions with astonishing functions, frequently not visible at first glance. This sofa from LYX has been crated without the slightest respect when it comes to how a sofa should look like. Using one of the most geometric shapes, the cylinder, the designer has created something very different. Both when it comes to looks and sitting behavior. Anyone that kicks off his/hers shoes stretch out in this big sofa finds a number of cozy positions. A place for serious cocooning.
Cool design in Unique Sofa with shiny black color. This really cool sofa is a barrel of laughs! What could have taken its inspiration from a Donkey Kong video game, the Fardos sofa from Brazilian furniture maker Etel Interiors was designed by Ricardo Fasanello and will quickly become the most popular seat in the house. Ricardo Fasanello (1930-1993) was born in Sao Paulo. He began demonstrating his talent at a young age, designing and building a sailboat at 14, and by 18 he was constructing lofts of his own design. His work blends unmistakable Brazilian aesthetics with a cool sophistication. The artist shows unparalleled skill in harmonizing contrasts, The truly creative work turned out by his atelier reflects the solutions that arise during the production of a piece.

Unique Sofa with cow leather design and color

Beautiful Unique Sofa with yellow color. This contemporary sofa is so attractive. The Bilbao sofa was designed by Vladimir Kagan. This seating furniture was launched by Preview furniture in standard 1 22″ square, and 1 19″ square throw pillows with the dimensions 98” W x 55.5” D x 38.5”. The unique sofa design is also available as a High Right Sofa.

Unique Sofa with elegance design. A brilliant sofa furniture design from Fute Design! The Croissant Sofa, part of the Bobo furniture collection designed by Kenneth Cobonpue is sure to make a unique statement in any decor. Named for its crescent-looking form, this piece is made in two versions, one suitable for indoor furniture, and another for outdoor furniture. The hollow frame is also perfect for cats and other pets to run around in and acts as a pet furniture of sorts. This sofa is the perfect place to curl up for naps, lounge and relax.

Cute white of Unique Sofa. The Unique Sofa design with simple, minimalist and modern character presents David Chipperfield’s for Hitsch Mylius. More increasingly with fresh and bright colour, so it is comfort in the small room like a lounge. Design by this texture are a solid beech and panel construction with CMHR foam uphlosttery.

Cute Unique Sofa with sweet purple color. Rolf Benz the internationally acclaimed contemporary furniture manufacturer has launched its new RB 540 sofa; a unique seating solution designed around simple triangular seating sections. The new sofa is multifunctional allowing the design to be changed to suit the space, mood or the requirements of a room; its adaptability is due to the design’s basic geometric shapes, thus producing a clever piece of furniture, which enables customers to use it in an inventive way. The seating pieces can be arranged to form a classic sofa length, or one triangular element can be turned easily to join the front of the sofa. The various parts as put together can create either a corner or U-shaped seat, which transforms the piece and multiplies its uses; the backrest is adjustable to correspond with the seating arrangement. The RB 540 has a soft upholstered filling, which along with the exclusive seating combination provides a sensuous feel, ideal for relaxation. Rolf Benz also creates bespoke pieces of furniture, so customers choosing the RB 540 can order additional elements to extend the size and possibilities of the sofa.

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