Transparent Stair

Glamor Transparent Stair with spiral design. Spiral Staircases work with their customers to create the best quality staircases to complement their existing home interior design. Spiral Staircase Systems create technically and aesthetically pleasing designs of glass, stone, steel and wood, focusing on the design, manufacture and installation to achieve the highest level of quality in the finished product. Working with customers to their design specifications, the company creates stairs that are not only visually striking, but also practical too, to ensure they fulfil their functional purpose in the home.

Luxury Transparent Stair with modern design. The stairs, made of glass and steel structure, stands upon the pool some part of which goes into the building. The stair well, with its completely transparent mass and the illumination which is to be made at nights, is just like a ‘landmark’ next to the main entrance of the building.

Amazing Transparent Stair with beautiful design. An Italian company producing a charming ladder model of contemporary glass, stainless steel and wood. Design is in her become an international trend and quality of exclusivity. In this post we will provide interesting ideas to inspire your staircase, there are 8 pictures beautiful staircase. Several steps are transparent and appear to hover above the floor, increase the sense of space. Contemporary and diverse, this interesting model has failed to provide simplicity in the most stylish form.

Elegant Transparent Stair from glass. Spiral Staircase Systems are leaders in bespoke contemporary stair design, building them from glass, acrylic, timber, stone and metal. Each and every stair is purpose designed for a specific site. Spiral has achieved a first, by building a spectacular Helical Stair from glass supported on a single tubular stringer, which makes the spiral stair extremely elegant, giving it a sculptural feel that is rare with domestic stairs. In order to support the toughened glass treads and balustrade panelling on a single helical stringer, Spiral designed a system of cast stainless steel brackets that not only perform the required structural task, but also keep the stair compliant with building regulations. Usually risers have to be added to the back of each tread to remove gaps greater than 100mm in diameter, however the cast supports also fulfilled this requirement. The SS 601 helical stair was designed as the key feature for a two-story conservatory in a Baronial hall. This is indeed a unique spiral staircase.

Elegant Transparent Stair with modern design

Luxury glass from Transparent Stair. A stunning glass stair that’s supported on a painted mild steel structure and has acrylic and stainless, Wentworth Estate was produced by Harewood Homes who commissioned us to build this feature stair. It is one of only a handful to feature transparent handrails.

Luxury Transparent Stair. These airy staircase designs will add a feeling of spaciousness and modernity anywhere they are installed. Naturally slim and compact, this modern staircase appears minimal in a winning combination of stainless steel and tempered laminated crystal glass. Letting light filter through the glass stairs (available in a rainbow of enticing colors) is a sure-fire way to open up the atmosphere of any room. The Swing and Kristall staircase designs can incorporate linear railings with parallel rods for an interesting and safety-conscious element… or, for a more pared-down feel these railings can be made of fewer rods, or eliminated entirely. Wall-side fixings can be particularly dramatic. And, you may like to consider a spiral staircase for steeper climbs – a stunning and space-saving solution. Modern Staircases from Cast are a wonderful addition to your home.

Beautiful Transparent Stair

Modern Transparent Stair

Transparent Stair with blue glass looks beautiful

Unique Transparent Stair design

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