Amazing Sofa

Amazing Sofa design with eggs design looks real

Amazing Sofa with elegant design with computer place

Blue Amazing Sofa with multi function in there

Amazing Sofa with unique design in your living room

Feel the need for some eccentricity to”light up” your crib? The Sirchester sofa was designed by Serralunga and it was especially created for outdoor decors. It was resembled with the famous English Chester sofa, being given that it offers the same amount of comfort and that it has a similar shape. However, Sirchester comes with an innovative illuminating system, perfect for a groovy partying environment. Although it is said that the couch was designed for the outdoors (it has an interior drainage system which dries up the sofa after a rainfall), we think it could also be integrated inside the home, in a funky, eccentric room, especially decorated for parties.

Pieke Bergman with Innofa - Stretch Textiles created these amazing Monsters Sofas, exhibiting at Ventura Lambrate, Milan Salone 2010.

Italy has many furniture companies, the big one is Italian Meritalia producing various kinds of furniture, one of them is a sofa for the living room design. Thanks to cooperation with famous designers and produce a living-room furniture for the modern lifestyle, modern sofa design that most amazing thing is New Toki colorful collection consists of sofas and relaxing sofa where the hallmark of this sofa design is flexibility. sofa can be Recliner and arranged to obtain the most suitable positions with your living room design, more information can be found on the Meritalia site .

Gray Amazing Sofa in your living room

Create a range of different groupings using up to four left or right arm sofas. Feet are in matt chromed metal; covers fully removable. This modern sofa, a mixture of creativity and comfort, allows you to play with it. It can be interlocked to form a sofa or a sectional. You can create a range of different groupings using up to four left or right arm sofas. Designer Francois Bauchet created this brilliant Yang sofa for Ligne Roset which is now being sold at a relatively high price.

If you want a comfortable couch and impress your friends, the picture below can be tried. The sofa has a design inspired from the image of a flower and is handmade of durable material. Designed for ladies, the Fiore sofa certainly does not lack femininity. Fiore comes from B-alance, a Swiss design company. The idea won one of the prestigious Red Dot Awards in 2009 for its amazing design and structure. We hope you will have the best pool parties!

Modern designs of sofa are available in market but here is the different style of latest Greener Grass it is designed by designer Cecilia Lundgren. This sofa set is better for taking rest you can easily put this sofa on your drawing room for guest it is built-in excellent quality of stuff it is smooth you feel better on this handset it is available in green or greyish color it looks stylish. It takes but a part of our lifetime to observe that furniture, while its design speaks of perpetuity. You can also use this sofa set on your office it is best for discussing meeting or also best for guest. This is the finest quality of latest design sofa you feel comfortable when you take rest on this sofa you can forget your stress and you feel much better. This sofa is totally for taking rest you can also sleep on this sofa I have seen lots of sofas in showroom but this is different this sofa is available in latest pattern it’s shape is also different. The designer Cecilia Lundgren gives excellent design with latest pattern it looks amazing.

Here is to the “ultimate” in sofas, the most used piece of furniture in every home. Furniture Fashion has reviewed some outstanding modern sofa designs from the world’s foremost designers, as well as first timers including prototypes that may one day become reality. We know these modern styles are probably not for everyone but they sure are fun to look at and possibly inspirational to your interior design plans. Enjoy!! The first of our sofas is rather unconventional in style and shape sporting a square design that works well in a pair. The Nurus 4U from Ece Selamoglu and Oguz Yalim is a seating unit that is perfect for common areas and uses geometry as its core theme in its design and visual appeal. This most unusual seating system offers a height adjustable backrest and was presented at Orgatec Colonia this year. This may be the most versatile sofa in our review, and as you will see it is much more than meets the eye. The Doc Sofa Bed has a unique mechanism that transforms an unassuming sofa into a bunk bed complete with a hideaway ladder and safety rail resulting in sleeping space for two. This “convertible sofa bed taken to new heights” is perfect for small spaces such as lofts or dorm rooms where square footage comes at a premium and multi-function furniture is a necessity. Covers are removable for washing. Available from BonTon Trading. Hunting Lines by Daniel Becker is a prototype that is in search of the right manufacturer and features dramatic bold curves and folded angles. This modern sofa is the second piece in a series that was preceded by a chaise lounge with similar lines. The Hunting Lines sofa has square ends that allow it to be placed in a row for extended seating in a residential or commercial setting. Stay tuned for it release and get more information from Daniel Becker here. Two Seat Sofa 220 x 68 x 85. Design great Carlo Colombo combined a generously sized two seat sofa with a built in marble topped side table that links to an aluminum base for Poliform’s “Park” sofa released at this years Milan Furniture Fair. This is a very sophisticated and glamorous sofa that is without a doubt going to be the focal point in any modern interior. If you like the Park Sofa, check out the rest of the stunning modern furniture from Poliform. There are a several really cool ultra modern sofas to see from Amin Designs, and there was no way to leave any of them out, so here they are counted as one. By the looks of the shapes and vibrant colors you may expect a furniture collection that is way out there, and it is just that. The design team at Amin strives for excellence while focusing on the power of imagination to create a better world for future generations. Keep your eyes on the rest of the furniture in these pictures which is also part of the Amin Design’s collection. My favorite sofa is the purple one!! The modern sofa takes on a new meaning thanks to Cor Furniture and designers Kirsten Antje Hoppert and Steffen Kroll of Studio Vertijet. The Lava is a work of art and a sitting/reclining lounge system with endless possibilities. Cor is dedicated to the ultimate in design with a philosophy includes the hands and eyes of master craftspeople, as well as top quality materials and a great deal of skill as the main ingredients. The “Lava Sofa Lounge” is furniture, landscape, and sculpture, unusual in its uses, unique in its design. More than one hundred years of history go into every piece of furniture from French maker Ligne Roset who specializes in one of the most progressive collections of quality furniture I have seen. I am very sure that none of their original designs were as catchy as the “Yang” sofas slick modern appearance that features a versatile shape that allows a variety of set up configurations. The Yang is really four identical sections that make up a well rounded square, which in this case the sum of the parts is as cool as the whole. $3,100 – $3,700 per piece. Designer Francois Bauchet. Here we see the sleek combination of the “Aspen” sofa from designer Jean Marie Massaud who joined talents with well versed modern furniture manufacturer Cassina of Italy. When I think of Aspen I envision smooth rolling slopes and that is exactly what is present here, and notice the “ice skate” style feet that keep in the theme. The Aspen features opposing shapes allowing a long single sofa or two individual half sofas which are available in 180 and 260cm lengths. Aspen is combined here with the Auklund lounge chair and ottoman in black leather, another Massaud /Cassina design.

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