Unique Bed

Luxury Unique Bed with soft color and amazing design. This is a contemporary unique bed by Tiina Anttila of ANtila Designs. This wonderful bed is mostly handmade. If you are a natrue lover wouldn't you want to lie down on a bed and stare at trees around you as though you are lost in a forest. THis modern bed is a queen sized bed manufactured from Ash wood. The Treee like bed posts are laser cut into Tree shape, Hand sanded and finished with a translucent white wax, that gives off sheer gloss. Perfect for a nature loving person as part of their UK Bedroom Furniture.

Amazing Unique Bed with television. It`s also built-in LED lights overhead, a telephone, home theatre and an integrated TV at your feet add contemporary convenience to the dreamy mix. Cosmovoide is the latest innovation in “dreamy” designand designed by northern France craftsmen with a focus on well-being, this unusual bed is inspired by an egg with elements of the traditional four-poster beds. The modern bed design features a contemporary rounded shape that’s fully upholstered for a lush, plush sleep. Two mattresses are suspended in the frame, similar to a hammock, which flex to your body shape for a custom comfort fit. You can sleep very deep in this bed.

Elegant Unique Bed. This unique and beautiful sofa bed. This sofa bed is hanged on the ceiling, drop down with a couple of strings.

Soft color in Unique Bed

Beautiful yellow lighting in Unique Bed

Modern Unique Bed

Funny Unique Bed

Interest Unique Bed with wood bed furniture

Relax white of Unique Bed. This unique pod-like, egg-shaped bed was designed by the Lomme design platform and is part of their luxury bed line. This bed uses cutting edge technology to give the sleeper greater sound proof coverage and delivers as they called it “sound therapy” eliminating exterior disturbances bringing the owner an overall feeling of security and protection. With 2 years of research dedicated to alleviating sleeping problems under this bed’s belt, there is no reason why you could not get a full refreshing nights rest. It even contains an area designed to carry objects such as ipods, mp3 players, and other devices producing a therapeutic light/sound sleeping experience that will sooth your mind, body, and soul. The best part about the Lomme bed design is that it keeps privacy in mind, so if you’re with your significant other and someone walks in, you and your lover will be able to cover up just in time.

Unique round Bed

Beautiful Unique Bed. It’s a real shame because it’s such as unique and dramatic bed that has a very individual design. It has a super high headboard and a curved rectangular box steel rail that curves over the perimeter edges of the bed. These seamlessly meet the floor rails and return on skids rather than conventional legs to the head end leg area.

Amazing Unique Bed design

Beautiful Unique Bed

Funny Unique Bed with car design for kids

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