Outdoor Family Room

Family room is one space that we can use to betroth our ideas, ranging from how to organize the family room to make a living outside the home. Family room outside the house is actually a simple idea, but it probably never occurred to anyone else. One example is “moving” living rooms, of which usually indoors, so outside. Outdoor living room even more comfortable this way, because the free air. No need air conditioning, there are already breezes that accompany. Especially if by chance in the pages trees are quite large and shady, semaik beautify the outside of your home state. Just as the family room in the house, on this porch, family room with carefully constructed. Choice of neutral colors and wood materials to create a warm atmosphere. The surprise comes from the red accents, the cushion and lampshade.Entertainment facilities can be placed in the corner, could be by placing televisions sized 21 inches or larger. Make those who use the family room as a whole family gathering areas, and even had friends and close relatives, an idea which one is worth a try. Chatting and spending time outdoors, it could be a fun means of relaxation. While for those who tend to use the family room as an area to watch television or DVDs, may not feel comfortable moving the family room to the veranda. For those who are interested in moving the family room to the porch, consider the choice of furniture. Understandably, because it was in outer space, certainly more risky damaged furniture negatively affected by weather changes. So, to prevent damage to furniture, you should select furniture that is resistant to weather changes.For example, the furniture of teak wood that is resistant to termites and weather changes. For other types of wood, make sure the finish you choose is able to help him withstand the weather changes. Besides wood, other materials are still plenty of options. Synthetic rattan furniture for example.

Elegant and looks fresh with this Outdoor Family Room design with comfortable sofa

Beautiful and elegant Outdoor Family Room with orange color basic

Looks warm and comfortable with this Outdoor Family Room

Pretty Outdoor Family Room design

Fresh and minimalist Outdoor Family Room design

Elegant and beautiful Outdoor Family Room design

Fresh and simple Outdoor Family Room design

Cute and comfortable with this Outdoor Family Room

Simple and minimalist Outdoor Family Room with fresh design

Comfortable Outdoor Family Room design

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