Bamboo House Design

Bamboo is a natural attraction, it is a stable alternative to regulation hardwood global resources. The researchers classified as a grass, not wood. This is a charming building material because it is very hard and durable nature. Traditionally, it has been used in the fishing rod. Significance lies in its strength, every food chain is absolutely straight. In general, bamboo, also known as bamboo, are harvested by industry type. It can grow to a height of 40 feet or more, its diameter can grow to six to eight inches in height and reach maturity in four to six years. Bamboo is concave, but it can be the equivalent of an inch thick walls of the bottom and thinner near the top. Remove fascinated by termites or beetles starch powder, the strips are considered boric acid and lime solution. Later, they have been kiln dried to a fine square is surrounded by eight to ten percent moisture content. Then is a smooth polished coating. They can form a coating layer made of or coated sheet several times, forming a multiple stack of bamboo plywood. To form a vertical panel, you can face the glue. If you want to use the use of natural wood, and bamboo in their own home can be the perfect choice, especially if you want to use wood for sustainable growth. There are several ways, you should use every family room bamboo.

Modern Bamboo House with luxury design

Designed by Benjamin Garcia Saxe, special for his mom. This bamboo house design, has a unique design. It’s built with a lot of bamboo. Designed with high artistic looks. You can see moon when night comes, trough your room. This open air construction and the large overhanging tin roofs allow for natural ventilation but still provide ample shade from the hot sun. The foundation is poured concrete and the structure is formed with steel, while the bamboo rings are covered in burlap to provide more shade and protection. This jungle bamboo house has a very natural atmosphere. Very comfortable for relaxing therapy after doing job.

Natural Bamboo House design

Looks comfortable with this Bamboo House

This contemporary unique bamboo house architecture design built Bessancourt, Val d’Oise, the study Karawitz Architects, is one of the few in France to have received certification from the passive house called “Passiv Haus Institut”. Sustainable and ecological modern house interior decorating intentions are explained by a series of an attention, which are not final and certainly anything but unnoticed, is the “second skin” in a modern bamboo house architectural is then closed in his hand that gives to the North, to dissipate very little heat in winter, while it is open to the south to store heat during the day. Rounds of air conditioning a series of photovoltaic house panels. But the feature that makes this house creative and unique is its coating of bamboo, which traces the boundaries of the existing residence is constructed with wood panels and glass, and that makes the exterior decor very special form of a wooden traditional house , was inspired home that knows the past, almost old barn full of stories. The interiors are very modern but, thanks to furniture design, with minimalist shapes or colors very bright.

Unique Bamboo House design

Popular Bamboo House design

Comfortable and looks fresh with this Bamboo House

Beautiful Bamboo House indoor

Beautiful Bamboo House living room design

Beautiful Bamboo House indoor remodeling

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