Minimalist Home Swimming Pool

This minimalist shelter with cement concrete base materials. In Figure 1 is seen the luxury of this home with a sparkling light shine. With a swimming pool is very simple and minimalist house located in the middle of this. Sofa with wool and foam materials used comfortable best. Still with the width of the window glass. TV cabinets with classic designs of the wood is still used Leh this designer.

Designs Minimalist house of Spain with beautiful scenery by Asensio Mah Architects.This house was designed by Asensio Mah Architects. Located on a hill in Spain, with a simple minimalist black design, a swimming pool overlooking a beautiful small town located directly underneath. Very beautiful scenery at night.

Small Minimalist House Design location in Singapore, house with fantastic swimming pool with a garden near by separates house for two pieces and is a perfect place to relax and spent time with friends and family. The entire second floor in the main section of the house is allocated for a master bedroom/study space with an en suite bathroom. 55 Blair Road produces a spatial experience that excites the senses by promoting light open plan living which is unusual to this type of terrace house. This residence brings a balance between nature and contemporary living in a renovation of an Art Deco style terrace.

Luxury Minimalist Home Swimming Pool with blue light design

Unique Minimalist Home Swimming Pool design

Beautiful Spanish Minimalist Home Swimming Pool design

Elegant Minimalist Home Swimming Pool design

Large inner courtyard and swimming pool become the main attraction of the house to compensate the lack of public space. Inside, all rooms have visual contact and communication with the inner courtyard.

The existence of swimming pool makes home seem cozy and always fresh. It is possible to make swimmingpool as a private place to relax and refresh condition. Even a minimalist home can also make its own swimming pool on the behind the house patio. It takes calculation and arrangement are capable to make a comfortable private pool and can optimizing beauty of the house. We could consider providing a small patio area with a fairly relaxing pool area or expand as needed. Do not forget to also add a facility to relax on the patio behind the house.

Here is a wonderful touch of natural design of a white house with modern architecture. The house is dominated by white, so the house looks clean and luxurious. This house has a swimming pool minimalist, comfortable living room, modern TV room, home library bookcases with modern and minimalist garden. The house shows the geometry of curves and specialty architectural elements used throughout. Imposing structure has four levels, three above ground and one below. Minimalist and modern interior. I like a living room – through the grass like a carpet and a giant window appears that if you sit outside. The main color is white space to expand and maximize natural light.

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