Ultra Modern Bathtub

This theme is ideal for those who are fascinated with all types of gadgets and are a fogey James Bond fans. Although the theme is quite expensive, yet it can fulfill the inner wish of stepping in the shoes of agent 007. Purchase a bathtub that has many temperature control units, and is enable enough to know the right level of water to be filled in. A wide range of smart toilets are available in the market to choose from. These toilets can automatically lift their lid when the user comes near, close the seat after usage, and also clean themselves.

Apart from these bathroom decorating themes, you can also use your imagination to create your own design themes to make your bathroom both exciting and appealing.

Amazing Ultra Modern Bathtub With Great Lighting. Inspired by the movie Tron, these ultra modern furniture design from company Dupont. The ultra modern furniture designs are result cooperation with Disney for the Milan Design Week 2011. The ultra modern furniture designs are a collaboration of several designers including the likes of Shai Akram, AquiliAlberg, Dror Benshetrit, Jordi Canudas, Guilio Cappellini, Gweneal Nicolas, Andrew Haythornthwaite, Setsu and Shinobu Ito, Lagostudio, Ilaria Marelli and Marco Piva. They will preview a concept that brings to life interiors of the future. The ultra modern furniture designs are covers whole range of spaces like living room, TV area, dining room, kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom.

This ultra modern bathtub (74\” X 36\” X 26\”) brings a full new which means to the words comfort, relaxation, and luxurious. Designed with the highest high quality in craftsmanship and unparalled technological innovation we assure you complete and utter satisfaction with this luxurious products. Truly the best ultra modern bathtub of its kind on the market place nowadays. Brand name new multifunction computerized ultra modern bathtub with LCD Tv, five adjustable entire body massage jets, 14 whirlpool bubble bath jets, six tiny water jets, underwater mood lamp, 15mm teak board, hand held shower and additional!\” Optional heater pump $199 (see below). Three 12 months Guarantee.

Luxury Ultra Modern Bathtub In Black and White Colors

Double Ultra Modern Bathtub Design

A large Jacuzzi tub or optional attribute of ultra modern bathroom, but they require more space. Ceramic tiles are very artistic and beautiful additions to any ultra modern bathroom. TV & Hi-Fi system has long been a priority not only in daily – if you spend much time in the ultra modern bathroom, this is the best place to listen to their favorite music. Mirror that is not clouded by steam, and no need to wait before you can look at it – modern systems heated mirror and it remains crystal clear throughout. Heat under your feet up really comfortable, especially if you have tile or natural stone flooring in the ultra modern bathroom. The process for achieving this goal is simple. Electric heating systems for ceramic floor can easily transform your ultra modern bathroom in the most pleasant place in your home.

Simple Ultra Modern Bathtub With Freestanding Style

Hoesch has presented new spa bathtubs named DheaSpa on ISH 2009 in Frankfurt. They are designed to erase the stress of day to day life through a combination of water, warmth, light and sound. DheaSpa is full of mechanisms, which are capable to make bathing unforgettable and charming. There is everything you can dream about, even built-in champagne cooler. Its ergonomic shape is perfect as for tall as for short people. You can relax in it alone or in company. If you like first variant, you also could enjoy a newly developed hammock for creating the feeling of „lying on the water“. Combination black and white colors make DheaSpa ultra modern and stylish. This spa could be used as indoor as outdoor.

Beautiful Ultra Modern Bathtub With Little Candle

Natural Ultra Modern Bathtub

Imagine … Sign in spacious and bright ultra modern bathroom. Elegant color surrounds you marble and greenery adds to the feeling of freshness and wellbeing. Start spa bath and play your favorite music. When leaving the bathroom tub, step on a bright warm plates, which extend the feeling of relaxing bath, and your toes feel warm surface of luxury towels. In this comfortable oasis feel renewed and returned the smile on your face. All this can be easily implemented in products and ultra modern design new materials that offer bath industry – your ultra modern bathroom can be much more than a sink, tub and toilet in standard white. There are many incredible opportunities and solutions that help you create the perfect ultra modern bathroom.

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