Small Bedroom Design Ideas

Decorating a small bedroom is very different than planning the decor for a large or even average sized space. There are special considerations you must make, and it helps to have a few tips and tricks up your sleeves. Here is how to decorate a small bedroom:

Choose a Light Color Scheme

One of the best-known small bedroom ideas is to paint your walls a light color, and also stick to lighter shades for your flooring and bed linens. It’s a tried-and-true technique that really works. You’ve probably heard that painting a room a light shade makes it look bigger because it reflects more light. On the other hand, painting the walls a dark shade can make them feel like they are closing in on you.

De-clutter the Space

Get rid of any of your belongings that you don’t really need. Donate them to a charity, give them to a friend or simply throw them away if they no longer have a useful life. You don’t need the excess junking up your dresser drawers, occupying the space under your bed or adding any sort of visual clutter to the space. Don’t display too many knick-knacks on your nightstand, dresser or other surfaces. A clean look translates into a larger looking bedroom.

Select Furnishings Intended for Small Bedrooms

Forget the king size bed. Instead, consider using a futon that you can fold away during the day, which can also double as a couch. Bunk beds are another classic option when you must fit two people within a small bedroom comfortably. Why not combine both of these concepts into one unit: futon bunk beds? They offer the versatility of having a couch but also sleep two. Just because you have a small bedroom does not mean you need to compromise in any way. Just plan it out carefully!

Elegant Small Bedroom Design Ideas with warm coloring of wall paints

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Romantic Small Bedroom Design Ideas

Beautiful Small Bedroom Design Ideas with modern decoration

Cute Small Bedroom Design Ideas with yellow furniture

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Romantic and warm Small Bedroom Design Ideas

Cool romantic Small Bedroom Design Ideas with romantic lamps

Romantic gray of Small Bedroom Design Ideas

Pretty and cute Small Bedroom Design Ideas for teen bedroom

Beautiful Small Bedroom Design Ideas

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