Stone Bathtub

Installing stone bathtub that keep the water temperature constant, and arranging modern green plants decoration or elegant flower composition with soft LED light are attractive, inspired by nature, modern bathroom design trends.

Elegant Stone Bathtub With Pool Design

Amazing Stone Bathtub With Little Lighting

Luxury Stone Bathtub Likes Spa

Purple Classical Stone Bathtub

Great Stone Bathtub With Red Color

Stone Bathtub With Circle Mode

Bathtub hand carved into a solid mass of natural stone has and always will be within the reach of only a privileged few. The selection of a suitable block of stone requires the highest degree of professional experiences, and the characteristics of each stone, either marble or granite block guide the ultimate design and shaping of the marble or granite bathtub. The pure joy of bathing inside the heated stone is an experience never to be forgotten.

Modern Round Beds

That new style circular bed, right?. For those who wish to enjoy the modern decor, this round bed is the perfect accessory to highlight the appearance of any room.
The main attraction of this new circular bed is its circular structure, which achieves a feeling of floating on a cloud, very good choice for those who enjoy a good rest delight. This extravagant design shows a size larger than an ordinary bed is ideal for relaxation. For those who prefer not as chair, and only interested in a particular shape, offers two wedges to fit the desired degree.

Elegant Round Beds With Modern Design

Luxury Modern Round Beds With Brown Color

Beautiful Modern Round Beds

Modern Round Beds With Red and White Colors

It features elegant curves and is wrapped in leather. It’s especially appreciated by men and women for its capacity of conveying powerful emotions. This unique round platform bed shows a true willingness to be something different and puts a lot of style in the bedroom interior. The designer has caught the eye of both designers and architects in residential, contemporary hotel and nautical furniture markets.

Modern Round Beds With Unusual Design

Exotic Red and White Round Beds With Modern Design

Modern Classical Round Beds

Round beds are quite trendy sort of modern beds. Uncommon form attracts an attention and make this kind of beds excellent and quite original component of any bedroom. Even though to locate site for the round mattress you need to to have quite a huge bedroom mainly because it has to be positioned in the middle of the area. In this place it seems the most fascinating. To make round mattress more sensible you could select a model with rotating mechanism. Beds with built-in lights could also help you to generate an amazing romantic environment in your bedroom. Such round beds you could locate among goods of Prealpi.

Modern Bathroom Mirror

Elegant Modern Bathroom Mirror with unique design

Modern Bathroom Mirror with beautiful lighting and design

Modern Bathroom Mirror with unique lighting design

Decorlux mirrors will provide you with a beautiful bathroom focal point, even assisting in making your smallest room appear a little bigger. Fashioned from Europe's finest silvered float glass, using experience, modern production techniques and genuine glass working skills – we hope you'll discover a design sympathetic to your very individual need. Whether you choose mirrors with or without lights, contemporary, classic or more traditionally styled each is a perfect example of technical and aesthetic brilliance not only for today but also for many years to come.

Modern Bathroom Mirror for your modern bathroom

Modern Bathroom Mirror with circle mode

Beautiful Modern Bathroom Mirror
Unique mode of Modern Bathroom Mirror

Fresh Modern Bathroom Mirror design

Modern Bathroom Mirror for your exotic bathroom

Modern Purple Bathroom

Elegant Modern Purple Bathroom with exotic design

Amazing Modern Purple Bathroom

Modern bathroom design by Viva Ceramica is combines between art, symmetry and function. All the shape, materials and colors are symmetrical: the round sinks and the round tub, on both sides of the floral wall and the selected color is dominated purple and gray. This symmetry gives priority the idea of space and high quality. All the elements and the combination produce a bathroom with a beautiful design, simple and full of art. Its designed to get modern bathroom that can fill the physical needs, emotional as well enjoy your time in it. You can forget about the narrow old-fashioned bathroom and take a lot of your places.

Cute Modern Purple Bathroom

Beautiful Modern Purple Bathroom

Here are luxury bathroom design and modern Italian style ideas. A very modern bathroom and contemporary giving different feeling. The white color of the bathroom, are also produced in a clean environment. These bathrooms Italian design give life to a scene cold, minimalist and clean, simple silhouettes with vibrant colors seem rich, lacquered finishes and interesting ways, of course, the lighting, which can be compared with art. Modular elements let you mix and match as needed to suit your style and your space, large or small. This bathroom project was designed by the Italian Wax.

Modern Purple Bathroom furniture

Purple is a hot hue for bathrooms, and Franco Pecchioli Ceramica is putting this regal shade in the spotlight with these cool purple bathroom ideas. Purple is one of the most versatile colors, taking you from soft shades of lilac and deep lavender, rich plum, jewel-toned amethyst and vibrant shades bordering on fuchsia. These purple bathroom designs splash it on every conceivable surface – floor and wall tiles, backsplashes, shower and tub enclosures, countertops and ever-fashionable fixtures like these ceramic, hand-crafted and hand-glazed sinks and tubs. These designs spare no style, offering a bit of the elegant, the enchanting and the extraordinary all at once.

Lighting is essential for the bathroom and lamp design is greatly affect the room. Lighting must conform theme, in the bathroom gallery using purple paint therefore the lighting must conform with purple. Lamp design lighting created with the ideas like the stars in sky, small lights on the wall and in furniture vanity add to perfection theme. Although a small bathroom but it appears wide because of the influence of lighting which good. Purple is the color of soft and romantic so that the lighting design with the ideas of the stars in the sky very supportive.

Beautiful Modern Purple Bathroom design

Dark purple bathroom with modern lamps

Glass Bathtub

Amazing Glass Bathtub with modern design

Comfortable Glass Bathtub design

Modern Glass Bathtub

Exotic and modern Glass Bathtub design

The first thought that comes to mind on seeing this clear glass bath tub is that it looks like an aquarium. That wonderful thought continues as one slips into the smooth tub. These View bathtubs from Teuco are simply magnificent. The finely crafted bathroom piece is a harmonious blend of chrome and glass. The tubs have powerful jets of water on either side, taking bathing pleasure to an entirely new level altogether. Generously proportioned, the bathtubs can fit two people and be a very satisfying end to a romantic evening. The View bathtub comes in two different flavors, one designed for corner installation, and the other is meant to be put flush up against a wall. The first one has been christened the View Angolo bathtub, and the second, the View Rettangolare. We know the bathtubs are relaxing, but it has the added advantage of being good for one. How? The powerful water jets improve circulation in the body. So there’s the excuse to buy one of these beauties – they’re good for you.

Beautiful Glass Bathtub

Beautiful Glass Bathtub design

Cute Glass Bathtub with green color

Simple Glass Bathtub design but this is modern

Modern White Bathroom Design

Black and white bathroom with modern minimalist interior is one of the solution for small room interior design. Black and white that reflect a modern minimalist house decor and furniture is become a trend style in decorating and furnishing an interior room design including bathroom. I hope black and white Italian bathroom design concept below can inspired you.

Here the Elegant White Bathroom Bathtub Design Ideas – Love from Novello.The modern curved shape of bathtub adds the stunning effect to the set and distinguishes it from other contemporary bathroom sets. Smooth lines and white bathtub make the furniture more refine and adaptable to all interior styles. add flower pots in your bathroom make yours bathroom like spas room decorating, charming shapes are complemented with wash-basins tops made of different materials like crystal, stainless steel and corian, This bathroom furniture is versatile, functional and in spite of the unusual bathtub shape gives a lot of romantic and sensual situation in your bathroom. hanging wash-basin cabinet and a hanging column, are available in different sizes. stylish bathroom furniture from love collection by Novello could help you to create a bathroom of your dreams.

Mini pool at Luxury Italian White Bathroom Design

Elegant White Bathroom Design

Simple white bathroom design ideas by novello

Elegant White Bathroom Design with fresh design

Exotic White Bathroom Design

Exotic White Bathroom Design in outdoor

White is the usual go-to color for bathrooms in new houses. White bathroom design is one of the most effective ways of infusing your home interior with a unique sense of style. In this contemporary bathroom design, a simple white palette is enhanced with the collection’s unusual shapes and understated “love” detail inscribed and illuminated into the mirrors and onto floors. This modern bathroom is sure to inspire your own visions of luxury coupled with function. Who says practical pieces can’t be beautiful too? These bathroom design pictures prove that you can have your bathroom, and love it too.

Beautiful White Bathroom Design

Modern Bathroom by Rexa Design is a very young company, this company could offer the bathroom awesome collection because this company always look for new materials and use new technology and has a very good design.This collections could compete with production from famous and great manufacturers in the world easily.For example is an elegant Vela.This collection shows the good style and high quality of this company’s job.Vela has all of ware sanitary to complete a modern bathroom. Every item of this collection is nice and refine.

Simple White Bathroom Design
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