Small Bathroom Design

You have small bathroom? It can be remodel to look stylish and elegant with the right design and fixtures. Color choice is key in a small space. Bright, lively colors will help the room feel more open and cheery while enhancing the natural light.Darker colors on walls and in tile make the room feel more cozy, but closed in. You can also add the clear glass shower doors and surrounds to make the bathroom feel larger, there is no blockage of the walls.

Small bathroom design layouts – dark & busy colors themed designs. but choosing light and pleasant colors will visually increase bathroom space. The shower and tub are combined and the floors and mirror have a inbuilt heating ability , which helps us in easy cleaning and fog free mirrors . these small bathroom designs are mostly suggested for individual house owners , as they are little bit hard installing in apartments.

Luxury Small Bathroom Design

Luxury white Small Bathroom Design

TOTO published their new collection of bathroom design called Sprino bathroom collection, in this design TOTO concern about the layout of bathroom. How to create small bathroom with perfect layout , with the perfect layout and use of furniture could change the impression of the bathroom, from small bathroom gone look more spacious and stylish. Sprino bathroom collection design use color , big and small mirrors, small benches and right position of bath, shower to create spacious affects in their design. Sprino bathrooms like one product and everything is include as a package.

Collection of ideas to make the bathroom floor can accommodate all of the flowing water. Sprino collection by TOTO helps to create small bathroom with everything needed to clean your body or relax there. The Collection also shows how small changes in the small room can dramatically change the overall effect. The Color wall, using small or large mirror, stool, color and position of the bathroom shower can things like that all things change.

Beautiful Small Bathroom Design with fresh blue color

Elegant Small Bathroom Design

Fresh Small Bathroom Design with green color

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